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Self-publisher author Ron Costello with author James Joyce in Dublin. Ron is working on his sixth book, Alone in the Fight

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Phone or text: 610-241-0256

This website was designed by the author Ron Costello. Everything, from the book photos, to the videos, and of course the writing. 

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Successful Self-publisher Looking for a Publisher for his Book Series




a query letter! This says it all.


On this site you'll find passion, hard work, and creativity.

     Welcome to my world of books. I grew up on the Hill and that's all you need to know about me.

​     To write books like these, you've got to be mad dog creative and have the sense of humor of a stand-up comic. 

​     The On the Hill book series is about life on the Hill in the mid-sixties. Although I left it behind many years ago, the memories will never leave. Perhaps those memories will remind you of how kids grew up — minus cell phones, computers, and computer games, with parents taking you here and there. 

​     Examine the entire site, especially the reviews and the excerpts, and you'll see why the books are unputdownable.

The books are not kids' books; they contain adult language and adult situations.

"Every book, every volume you see here has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strenghtens."    Carlos Ruiz Zanon  (The Shadow of the Wind)


The three book 'On the Hill' Series

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First book in the On the Hill Series, due out August 4, 2024: Alone in the Fight

Current Series

The order of my books. Each one is better than the previous one.


Self Published


Self published


Self Published

# 4 to come late summer

Alone in the Fight-2b.png


The Future: Six more Coming





Sailor Take Warning - Book5.png
The Passage - Book6.png
On Higher Ground - Book7.png
The Drop - Book8.png

Six detectives from the Hill rent a charter boat out of Cape May. Fifty miles out fishing  for Tuna, the boat disappears. Coast Guard says it sunk, but one detective doesn't think so.

A family of six kids move to the Hill. The kids and find a secret passage way hidden in the basement. One at a time the kids disappear and nobody know anything

The Philadelphia mob is under the treat of modern surveillance and to survive they move to the Hill. Doesn't take long before tangle with the  Hill's tough kids.

Camping, four kids from the  Hill watch a helicopter drop a package into the woods. What they find takes them to the Hill in the year 10191. Get ready for the ride.

The Night Sky - Book9.png
Souls - Book10.png

In a science experiment on a school project at night detective Rausher's son, peering through a classroom telescope, forgets everything he knew. His mind was completely erased.

A Native American family moves onto the Hill and soon people notice strange changes in their lives. Eventually, it leads back to the new inhabitants, and the people on the Hill discover their former lives.



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