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I write.HEIC

I will keep writing, and if I can't find a publisher interested in my series, I'll keep self-publishing. I don't write to get published; I write because I love to write.


I'm a year younger than Stephen King but in better shape. I can write a book every four months, and I have more than ten books in me.


The setup to the left is mine. I use an Apple laptop in the center and two larger screens on each side. This allows me to research while I write. I love to write in Italy and Ireland—anywhere, it doesn't matter.


 Denise and I have been to Italy seven times. We don't go on sightseeing trips — see this here for a few days and move on to the next location. That's not us. We stay in one place for a  month and get to know the people — we shop in the food markets and ride public transportation. We've never rented a car in Italy, and we stay far away from the tourists.

Denise was a teacher in Philadelphia's worst neighborhood.  In 2001, The Philadelphia Inquirer in conjunction with the Philadelphia Phillies selected her as 'teacher of the year'  in the School District of Philadelphia. 

We have been married for 52 years and have three children.


I am a staunch Phillies fan. My son and I attended three 2023 playoff games vs Atlanta and Arizona. On the left we are in our upper deck first-row seats (Hall of Fame Section) behind the plate.


I don't go as often as I used to, but I still try to see a few games a year. I love listening to the games on the radio while I write.


In his book On Writing, Stephen King made two points about writing that I adhere to: You won't improve as a writer if you don't read, and watching television will kill your creativity. 

Ah, fishing. I surf fish at the NJ beaches from Atlantic City north to Seaside Park (I love Island Beach State Park). Using the Atlantic City Expressway, the Atlantic City beaches are an hour from my front door.


I am amazed at the ideas I get surf fishing. Two of my books were conceived while fishing. 


I catch and release, and yeah, that's me over there.


This is my baby, my trike, or electric adult tricycle. I'm a city rider. I live in South Philadelphia and ride my trike all over the city. Some people think an electric bike doesn't provide exercise, but that's nonsense. With an electric bike, you can exercise and rest when you please.


It's another activity where ideas about characters and situations flow. If I get stuck, I'll go out on my trike, and when I get back, I'll finish the chapter.

In this thing on the right, there's not a market in the city I can't go to.

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