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The Book

Gun control, whether coming from the Left or other 

well-meaning,sources is allowing crime in the cities to

progress. Why? Because focusing on gun control allows 

the Left and the well-meaning to avoid the real problems

of the inner-city.

Gun control will never happen (at least in our

lifetime.) Politically, it's dead in the water, especially if the Republicans take control of the Presidency and Congress. Systemically, it's impossible. There are too many guns on the streets, and, like drugs, we are hapless to remove them. It just won't happen.

11-Child Murderers2-trimmed.png

The hard core right stance. I took this photo from a pickup truck parked at the Shore, Island Beach State Park, New Jersey. It sums up why half of the country is anti-gun control.

And You Want to Do Away with Guns?

Many people are living on the streets in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood — the largest open-air drug market on the East Coast — are in full-blown addiction, openly snorting, smoking, or injecting illicit drugs, hunched over crates or on stoops. Syringes litter sidewalks, and the stench of urine fouls the air. Kensington has been like this for years. And what has  been done about it?

The book, Child Victims in a City Under Siege, will examine the criminal justice system, the schools,

and families — namely, the ability of some parents to raise children. For many years, since the         antebellum South, the problems of the inner city — except for federal welfare programs — have gone

unchecked. People today in the inner-city need jobs and education. Not more welfare.

 It's a book well past its time and a book that will offer workable solutions.   (See the new mayor's mock press conference on the home page.)

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