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What to Know About Guns from the Expert

George Scavello

"Most people aren't aware of what takes place in body tissue when a projectile from an AK-15 going in excess of 2,500 feet per seconds hits a human body. Look up ballistic gel tests on projectiles hitting blocks of gel, these simulate human body tests. You can watch it in slow motion and you can see the wound canal and how much damage it did." George


1) George, In Pennsylvania who can own a firearm?


Answer: Anyone in Pennsylvania who is not restricted from owning firearms can purchase one. Any firearms purchased from an arms dealer must fill out a federal form called a 4473 form.. there are 13 questions you must answer such as, are you the actual buyer, Have you renounced your citizenship, are you a user or addicted to narcotics or a habitual drunkard, Have you ever been convicted of a crime punishable by more then 1 year incarceration or could have, etc. all questions except are you the actual buyer must be answered with a “NO”.


The arms dealer then calls the NIC system and asks for a firearm purchase approval. Your name and ID number such as SS number or drivers license number are submitted. Your name is searched in the data base for prohibited people. If you are cleared a verbal approval is given along with a approval number which the dealer logs on 4473 form. The forms are kept by the dealer until he goes out of business then any forms less then 20 years old have to be shipped to Virginia.


2) George, what about if I want to purchase a gun from my friend? Is that legal?

All long guns in Pennsylvania can be bought and sold by private owners without any paperwork. It's been that way for 100 years. You can go to a flea market or a Monday morning outdoor sale like the Perkiomenville sale and see long guns on a few tables for sale. All handguns in Pennsylvania must be reregistered with a background check through a federal firearms dealer (gun shop). Very low percentage of long guns are used in crimes, something like 97% gun crimes are committed with handguns.

3) George, so I could sell an AR-15 to someone with severe mental issues?


4) George, when the rioters in Philadelphia went after the Columbus statue in South Philadelphia, a number of tough guys surrounded the statue. Many of them had AR-15's over their shoulder. How could that be?


5) So, what you are saying is that anyone in Pennsylvania except Philadelphia does not need a permit to carry a concealed hand gun? How was Philadelphia able to pass a CCW permit?





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