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Because of the change to a new website I lost some comments. If yours was one of them I apologize.


From Pete: I wish I could believe that better days are coming.You're right the problems are fixable and have been fixable from the very beginning.The problem is and has been the will to do so is not there.   No one wants to take responsibility and consequently the problems just get harder and harder.No one gives a damn and that includes the people themselves and especially the politicians.   


Every day there are reports from all over the country on the hideous crimes being committed. We have more black people in positions of power to do something and yet they do absolutely nothing. Pointing the finger is always the easy way out.   


You’re right about changing the attitude and responsibilities but it will never happen.Like I have said before the country is no longer the envy of the world. We have become the laughing country of the world.   I’ll make my last point-it is probably too simple but it does fit your narrative.Five years ago when politicians passed laws that every commercial and movies must have blacks and other minorities in them or else face the consequences.And that is exactly what has taken place and has succeeded.Why? Because people of power want it to succeed.You have a gun today or commit any type of crime there are no consequences.Why?Because for whatever reasons the could care less.

From Debbie: I'm looking forward to reading your next book, Child Victims. I have been enjoying your newsletters. I don't know what the answers are to this problem. I have hope that something will be done to fix this.

From Bob in Center City:  Ron, in certain ways I agree with what you're saying. You emphasize four key factors: parental control, school control, attitude control, and respect for law enforcement. These all make sense; but 'control' is a word that may well be questioned. Why not, for example, parental guidance, school control, and attitude modification? If these replacement words sound wishy-washy, they also introduce some latitude in the way that social and economic problems are addressed. And while getting guns off the street won't solve these social and economic problems, it might go a long way toward preventing murder by firearms. Ask the parents of Sandy Hook. Have you heard of the organization called Sandy Hook Promise? I respectfully suggest that you look into what this organization stands for (and, as far as I know, their written material hardly ever uses the word 'control'). (



From Hank, the retired fantastic wrestling coach at Mansfield University: You are right on the money with the solution to so much crime. The question is; how can we achieve those controls ? Parents need to lead the way and many don’t know how.

From Darryl (Stanford University): I was putting together our Science Art-Nature's annual report when your email/newsletter arrived. Ignoring my promise to avoid distractions, I put down the report and scrolled down the newsletter. Words came off the screen and into my brain without pause. You have a gift! Thank you for making your important perspective readily accessible and memorable.

From Fred (a psychiatrist ): Ron, structure over chaos does not make you or me racist. Actually, staying with the status quo feels ultimately racist.

From Bob I Naples: Thank you Ron! So sad but so scary, just thinking that these children have unfettered access to guns.

From Rod, former President of  Mansfield University: HI Ron. When I was at Bloomsburg State TEACHERS COLLEGE, (60+ years ago) our Education professors stressed the importance of classroom discipline. Often they would say, "If students are not sitting and paying attention they cannot learn". I attempted to follow this principle, and many others I learned from them, for my entire career.  I am well aware that I would last about 10 minutes as a teacher in many of todays schools.  I say this to admit that I am unable to provide answers or solutions to the problems  facing modern education. One more comment by one of my professors that is now out of date.  "A successful school will require the cooperation of the teachers, parents, and the church." 

Stay in touch.

From Fred (a psychiatrist ): Well done Ron.  I cannot imagine what teaching in those schools must be like.  So, one solution from the piece seems to be something like 'taking back the schools', starting with superintendents on down through teachers.  But don't you need the engagement with the parents of these students?  And, if so, is that possible?

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