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Seaside Park, New Jersey

October 30 — November 10

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The red spike is our house on the beach block of Seaside Park, less then a mile from Island Beach State Park, a ten mile stretch of fishing some consider the best fishing in the world. See Atlantic City/Ocean City, an hour drive south of Seaside Park.

A week at the end of October and a week at the beginning of November is a great time to fish and visit restaurants (see our favorites below).  

Our Seaside Park House

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Our Favorite Restaurants, Seaside Park

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Ebby's, Seaside Park

Rest 2.jpg

Lenny's, Lavellete

Rest 4.jpg

Theresa's South, Bay Head

Rest 5.jpg

Charlie's, Bay Head

Rest 6.png
Rest 8.jpg

Crabs Claw Inn, Lavallette

Bum Rogers Crab House & Tavern, Seaside Park

Best Fishing in the World

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Island Beach State Park, above, over 3,000 acres and 10 miles of coastal dunes remain almost untouched since Henry Hudson first described New Jersey's coast from the ship, the Half Moon, in 1609. Shaped by storms and tides, this narrow barrier island stretches for 10 miles between the restless Atlantic Ocean and the historic Barnegat Bay. There are no houses, businesses or boardwalks at Island Beach State Park,  just natural dunes,  and wildlife and plant life nearly the same as it was a thousand years ago. Sure, I fish there, and I feel honored to walk the beach. 

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