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The On the Hill Series


While stealing cherries in a neighbor's yard on the Hill, four rugged kids witness a double homicide. They jump from the trees and run for it. The killer sees them, and unfortunately for the kids, it was a mob hit, and they don't like witnesses. Even kid witnesses. But the kids are hard-bitten and resilient, and with a death sentence on their backs, they take to the woods and streets to stay alive. It's not just the mob after them: The police — they are witnesses to two capital murders — and the Feds, too. But the Philadelphia mafia has their hands full when the Italian Costa Nostra sends a feared killer from Sicily to help the kids. This adult novel is unputdownable to the shootout finish.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ This book contains some adult language.


President Lyndon Johnson distrusts the Russians and sneaks a scientist into Siberia to examine hidden mines. He discovers the Russians working on a deadly bacteria to sneak into the United States. But where and how? The Russians go undetected until the people on the Hill, on the edge of Philadelphia, begin acting strangely. They no longer needed to sleep. But four high school baseball players from the Hill trying to accomplish their first winning baseball season began noticing signs that things weren't right. The parts started falling into place when a grandmother from Drumcondra, Ireland, who spoke to the dead and two clever detectives, and yes, the four red-blooded Hill kids, go after the Russians. Another unputdownable in the On the Hill Series..

It was a beautiful spring weekend on the Hill when four tenacious kids decided to spend it camping in the woods. They were hit with a mysterious light, followed by a mysterious, uncanny stranger walking into their campsite. It didn't take the Hill kids long to discover the visitor was an extraterrestrial being.  But others knew about the visitor's arrival, such as the Air Force and the CIA. They tracked the extraterrestrial being by satellite to a trash dump on the Hill, on the edge of Philadelphia. But the Hill kids hid the visitor underground while the CIA and Air Force searched. These four toughened kids discovered that the visitor had a brother imprisoned in Area 51, Nevada's CIA secret testing site.  This edge of the seat unputdownable story has an ending you won't see coming.




I kept my eye on it and nearly dropped dead when it pulled up to the curb on the opposite side of the street. The driver put down his window. "Hey kid, come here, we want a word with you.
     I stood on the sidewalk afraid I was about to get shot. "Yeah, what," I said.


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