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This is It. This is the Superintendent's Five Year plan!

Question: Mr. Watlington was appointed School Superintendent for the School District of Philadelphia in April, 2022. Are you not jumping the gun a little by criticizing his five year plan? Don't you think you need to give a chance?

I am giving it a chance. But it's fair to criticize a plan that appears to be all puff and smoke and too dependent on those in the community who cannot make the necessary changes. I spent my career in university fundraising and have written many plans. If I were to write a plan where I placed it all in the opinion of students and faculty members, the Dean of the Penn State Business School would say to me, "Ron, you are the professional. How are you going to raise $5 million dollars? I don't want to know the opinion of those who don't know." It's all I'm saying. Mr. Watlington is the professional who was hired to fix the awful problems in the district. Serious problems. People's lives depend on what he does. But all he says in his five-year plan is we are talking and listening. What are the results of the talking and listening? What are the actions of it?

                                 Mr. Watlington's Five Year  Plan to Fix the district's schools


Leadership Team: 25 school-based staff, school leaders, and central office leaders that served as the decision-making body for the strategic plan.

  • Steering Committee: 60 students, parents/guardians, school-based staff, and central office staff  from across Philadelphia that generated the content of the strategic plan, which was reviewed by the Leadership Team.

  • Advisory Groups: Groups of community members, including parents/guardians, principals, teachers, school support staff, students, union leadership, and central office staff, who provided critical insights and feedback as the strategic plan was developed.

  • The Strategic plan draws on the themes that emerged from the Listening and Learning Tour.


That's it? Perhaps he's working on a plan from what they said. But I don't see that anywhere. Mr. Watlington thinks he can solve Philadelphia's school problem with advisory groups, steering committees, and leadership  teams. 

The listening and learning tour? It's all poppycock and by the time everyone realizes it, Watlington and his assistant will be on their way to another school for bigger salaries.

When a 16 year old kid accused of murder is brought into the 306 for his preliminary hearing, he is judged by the evidence as to  whether or not the case moves forward to trial. But he  shouldn't be alone. If Tony B. Watlington and his special committees don't make significant progress in approving education for ALL of the students, they too should be hauled into the 306.  


If I am right and his five year plan is hogwash, then he should be found guilty, too.

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