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Here We Go Again

Question: Aren't you being disrespectful by calling the Superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia and his top assistant Tweedledee and Tweedledum?


I'm not calling them that. Not yet. As they say in the courthouse, the jury is still out. They should have time. That's why contracts are signed.


Look. Philadelphia has a serious problem with murder. Kids are murdering kids. As the owner of this site, I contend that education is the problem, not guns. Are there too many guns on the streets? Of course. Too many drugs are on the streets too, and they're not going away, either. 

We have to live with both of them — drugs and guns. But gun crimes and drugs will drop if the School District of Philadelphia can educate ALL of the children instead of 50 to 60 percent. Making that happen will take some serious adjustments. Mr. Watlington's five-year plan, "Accelerate Philly," may sound impressive to some, but it's loaded with hogwash. 

When it comes right down to it, several things must happen: 


1) Students must attend class. The truancy rate in the Philadelphia inner-city schools is through the roof. 


2) School leaders must handle disruptive students who  have no respect for teachers. Teachers cannot teach with four or five disruptive students in the classroom. Teachers are afraid, and so they find work elsewhere. 


3) School leaders such as Mr. Watlington and Mr. Dawson must get ALL students reading and doing math at grade level.

If you look at Mr. Watlington's Five Year Plan, "Accurate Philly, "it's loaded with fancy promises, and that's about it. To many of the school board and on City Council, it's a breath of fresh air. But they don't have a clue, either.

Mr. Watlington was hired to do a tough job. He is responsible for doing that job, not turning it over to steering committees and listening groups.


Tony B. Watlngton

Jermaine Dawson

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