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     The first book in the On the Hill Series. A must read for anyone interested in the long reach of the Mafia and why the mob never stops. Witnessing a la Costa nostra crime can be a death sentence from the devil himself. This adult novel is unputdownable until the shootout finish.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ This book is not a kid's book. It contains adult language — typical of Hill-speak and the Hill way of life.

     While picking cherries at night in a neighbor's yard on the Hill, four streetwise kids witness a double homicide. They jump from the trees and run for it. The killer sees them, and unfortunately for the kids, it was a mob hit, and they don't like witnesses. Even kid witnesses. 

     But the kids are hard-bitten and resilient, and with a death sentence on their backs, they take to the woods and streets to stay alive. It's not just the mob after them: The police — they are witnesses to two capital murders — and the Feds, too. But the Philadelphia mafia has their hands full when the Italian Costa Nostra sends a feared killer from Sicily to help the kids. 

What a wonderful adventure story about 4 good friends who lived on the "Hill" in the Mainline section of Philadelphia. Where the boys were thrown into a hide-and-seek game of survival. The cops and the mafia were after them after they witness murders from cherry trees. Will they survive? "Dead Kids Don't Speak" was exciting, suspenseful and, hard to put down. A must read for all who like thrillers. Verified Amazon buyer, Cheryl.


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